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Sure you have something to say about the Lebanon conflict.

Do it!

Márgenes Editorial
[margeneseditorial@yahoo.es] is a group of young people who are currently struggling to achieve a good project at a Master in Book Publishing in Spain.

Do you want to help us create a great book? Keep reading!

The main project in our Master is carrying out the creation of a “made-up publishing house”, with a coherent catalog of titles according to the principles of the group’s philosophy, summarized in our name: Márgenes, that is, Margins, referring to the narrow boundaries between the different expressions of art. The catalog includes a main title, which, in our case would be a book about the situation in Lebanon.

We want to make a special book, a book of art and social awareness at the same time and who could make the best book on the Lebanon conflict? Lebanese people and those who’ve suffered at this war, of course. Yes, that’s you.

We are looking for poems and other short written expressions that reflect feelings, situations, whatever you witnessed or felt during the conflict. Your texts will accompany drawings by Mazen Kerbaj, our luxury collaborator 😉

You may write it in English, French or Spanish (all of them will have a translation into Spanish). If you want to send in Arab, please do, but make sure you enclose a translation into any of the languages before mentioned.

The best poems we receive (up to 20) will be published in our main title and we would be more than happy to send you a copy of it. We will publish on this blog the selected poems as well as those that don’t make it to the book (you should be read all over the world, right?).

Given that the publication is not lucrative, we will hold no rights over your work and you will be able to use it however you want. Anyway, this project will certainly reach many publishers in Spain and could be a good way to make your words known abroad.

So don’t hesitate! Send your texts to margeneseditorial@yahoo.es.

If you have any questions or comments, please write! Your query will be answered ASAP.


Márgenes Editorial




  1. I have a great admiration for Mazen Kerbaj. I wish you every success in your endeavour.

    Comment by Sophia — May 16, 2007 @ 9:50 pm

  2. hola margenes
    me parece genial la propuesta de montar un libro de perspectivas sobre la crisis en el líbano, y maravilloso que mazen colabore; a ver si me organizo para enviaros algo. lo que no me queda muy claro es el marco del proyecto: ¿se trata de un proyecto de másters en el que montaís un editorial ficticio, pero luego este editorial ficticio edita un libro de verdad? ¿y luego la distribución y todo esto? (¿ y ya puestos, porqué no tirar adelante con el editorial de verdad?)

    en fin, gracias por la ‘invitación’ y estaré al loro. suerte!

    Comment by maggie — May 18, 2007 @ 9:46 am

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